A Beginner’s Guide to Social Prescribing

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Social Prescribing: it’s all they’re talking about on Twitter but what it is?

14th March is the first International Social Prescribing Day; something we’re all going to see and hear a lot more about in primary care over the next few years.

But if you’re new to the concept or were too afraid to ask what it covers in reality, fear not because the team at Conexus have produced this handy Beginner’s Guide to Social Prescribing for you to download and digest over a cuppa.

You’re going to hear more about Social Prescribing from Conexus over the next few months and we’ve got some exciting developments in the pipeline. For example, did you know that at the moment, we’re almost half way through delivering the country’s first comprehensive and practical Level 3 Qualification in Social Prescribing. It’s an exclusive training scheme and we’re delighted to be involved in the first pilot of its kind.

To stay up to date with how the course goes and future Social Prescribing training from Conexus, join our Exclusive Social Prescribing Mailing List and you’ll be the first to know our updates.