Frequently Asked Questions

Social Prescribing Training

Is this service part of the NHS?

Yes this is an NHS service provided by Conexus Healthcare which is a GP-led group made up of all GP practices in Wakefield District. A locally-led service for people across Wakefield & Pontefract.

How is the service staffed?

By clinical staff who already work in practices and services in Wakefield District.

How can I access the service?

If you feel unwell, simply call your practice telephone number as usual. If it’s after the practice has closed, still call your number as usual. Your call goes through to the local clinical advice team who will book you an appointment or give further advice.

Will the doctor or nurse have access to my health records?

Yes, clinical staff who work in our extended hours services can access your record if they need to in order to provide the safest care. For routine appointments, you will be asked to consent to sharing your records if this isn’t already in place.

Why is my GP practice not running this service at their practice?

This is an additional service commissioned by NHS Wakefield CCG to complement existing GP services within the Wakefield District. By running the service from two central locations, using existing Wakefield District clinicians, we are able to provide this vital service sustainably for local people. By working as a group of GP practices, we can also offer a wider range of services to you, such as,the clinical advice service, and nurse or health care assistant appointments.

I prefer to see a female doctor, can I request this?

Yes, you can request this when you call, however, this cannot be guaranteed.

How long does it take to answer my call?

Calls are usually answered within a couple of minutes. At peak times, the wait might be understandably a little longer, potentially up to 15 minutes. If you prefer not to wait on hold, you will be prompted to leave a message. A nurse will call you back on the same day, as soon as they can.

Can you make me an appointment at my usual GP practice?

No, the extended hours service can only book urgent and routine appointments at Trinity Medical Centre and Pontefract Hospital at evenings and weekends. These appointments are only accessible via your GP practice or when you call your usual practice telephone number at evenings or weekends.

I have been for an extended hours appointment at Trinity Medical Centre or Pontefract Hospital; will my GP know I have seen someone else?

Yes, a summary of your consultation, any prescribed medication or advice given will be sent to your GP.

I’m just visiting Wakefield/not registered with a local GP practice but feel unwell and need to see someone - what do I do?

Please call NHS 111 and they will advise you on the best course of action.

What happens if I need to speak to someone in the middle of the night?

You should call NHS 111 if you have an urgent problem, or 999 in an emergency.

Can I still be offered an urgent appointment if I call at say 9.30pm i.e. when the evening service closes soon?

The clinician will assess your needs and if they feel you should see someone urgently, appointments in this service are available till 9.40pm. They can also transfer you to the GP out of hours service for an appointment, or signpost you to the most appropriate service.

Does this service replace NHS 111?

No – our service is an additional service to support local urgent and routine appointments only.

You should call our service when we are open, as our clinicians can assess your needs and signpost or book you into a range of Wakefield District services.

You can find out more about choosing the right service locally in this leaflet (download PDF).

I have feedback or a complaint about the service

Please get in touch with our team. By knowing about the problem, we can try our best to solve it straightaway for you.

Download our complaints and feedback leaflet.