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As a GP confederation, we have an ambitious Management Team and Board that represents our GP partners.


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Sandal Castle Medical Centre
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Email: contact@conexus-healthcare.org

Management Team

Antony Nelson - Conexus Healthcare
Antony Nelson
Managing Director

Debbie Aitchison
Chief Operating Officer / Deputy Managing Director

Ursula Brearley
Head of Finance

Russell Houghton - Conexus Healthcare
Russell Houghton
Performance & Improvement Manager

Patricia Lang - Conexus Healthcare
Patricia Lang
Clinical Services Manager

Ben Pilmer
Training & Consultancy Business Manager


Dr Shak Sarwar - Conexus Healthcare
Dr Shak Sarwar

Chair, Brigantes Healthcare Ltd (Network 3). Deputy Chair, New Models of Care Board.

Dr Som De Silva - Conexus Healthcare
Dr Som De Silva
Board Member

Chair, West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing Ltd (Network 6).

Dr Abdul Mustafa - Conexus Healthcare
Dr Abdul Mustafa
Board Member

Chair, Trinity Health Group Ltd (Network 5).

Dr Phil Earnshaw
Board Member

Chair, Five Towns Federation (Network 4).

Dr Soumitra Dutta - Conexus Healthcare
Dr Soumitra Dutta
Board Member

Chair, Wakefield Health Alliance (Network 1 & 2).

Joanne Ambler
Board Member

Nurse Director

Caroline Stroud
Board Member

Nurse Director

James Day
Board Member

Practice Manager Director

Tim Johns
Board Member

Practice Manager Director