Conexus Healthcare Managing Director Kate Brentley to step down

HSJ Value Awards 2018 - Conexus Healthcare

Kate Brentley, Managing Director at Conexus Healthcare in Wakefield, is stepping down from Wakefield’s GP confederation from August 2018.

Kate is leaving the post to relocate to the Middle East with her family. Antony Nelson of ADeNterprise Consulting, who played a pivotal part in developing the confederation’s award-winning GP extended access scheme, is appointed interim Managing Director whilst a permanent appointment is made.

Kate played an influential role in driving forward the development and national spread of Wakefield’s multi award-winning, accredited care navigation consultancy and training programme during her time at Conexus.

Speaking about her forthcoming departure, confederation Chair, Dr Shak Sarwar, said:

“It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude today that we announce Kate Brentley’s departure as managing director of Conexus Healthcare from August this year. Kate has played a hugely critical role in the development and success of our GP confederation, positioning us as one of the leading GP groups in this country.


While we will miss her and her inspiring leadership, I would like to thank her for a phenomenal year which involved many significant achievements for our group, including the successful delivery of primary care at scale in our district.”

Antony Nelson who steps into the role in the interim from the start of August, said:

“I am sorry to see Kate’s departure from Wakefield but wish her every success in the next step of her career, in which she will no doubt triumph. It has been truly remarkable working with Kate and her dedicated team at Conexus and I look forward to providing my support during this next stage of the organisation’s development.”

Speaking about her brave next steps, Kate Brentley, said:

“Even as I move into this exciting next chapter with my family, it’s going to be really sad leaving one of the best teams of people I have had the honor of working with.


What we’ve achieved together to improve the value of primary care, not just here in Wakefield but nationally through our multi award-winning care navigation work, is incredible. I truly believe the experience and dedication of our primary care teams here in Wakefield, and the learning and services we’ve designed together, will continue to grow.


I am so honored to have been the leader of this forward-thinking organisation and I will watch with excitement as it continues to lead the way. I wish Antony every success in his new role and am sure he will make a major contribution to future developments.”

Read Conexus Healthcare Chair, Dr Shak Sarwar’s full statement here