Receptionist Wellbeing During COVID-19: What you’ve told us

Care Navigation Receptionist Perspective - Conexus Healthcare

Take five and stick the kettle on. How are you holding up?

It’s been a couple of weeks since we shared our video dedication to practice receptionists. Did you manage to watch it?

What started as a little way to acknowledge these often ‘forgotten’ heroes became an outpouring of relief, shared fears and reflections from receptionists and frontline staff we’ve had the pleasure of training, up and down the country.

“This is lovely, thank you and thank you for thinking of me.”

“The sentiments will apply to the whole of primary care across the UK. I know our reception teams are feeling anxious and have done for a while – this will serve to show them how vital the reception team is in keeping the wheels from falling off at this time.”

“Absolutely loved this, sent it to my work colleagues and they did too. So nice to feel appreciated.”

“I watched the video when I came back yesterday evening and watched it again this morning. Like you said, the reception staff and at the GP practices do a lot of work behind closed doors but they are often not noticed.”

“It has been a very stressful time, but we are all getting used to the new normal now. This video captures just how we feel – thank you.”

It was remarkable to read not just the sheer scale of how much general practice has changed in just a few short weeks but the monumental shift that’s happened too.

From re-jigging clinics at a few hours notice, to shipping PPE around the networks. From doing nearly all consultations by telephone, to clinicians working remotely. The incredible feats you and your teams have endured to stay sane, stay focused and stay above water over these difficult, difficult weeks, has been phenomenal. But what about the ‘new normal’ we’re facing next?

A top trick to try this week…

Like the treatments being trialled right now where scientists are trying to encourage the production of antibodies to fight the coronavirus, Maria and Janis, our care navigation trainers decided to try and ‘grow’ their own ‘positivity’ and ‘resilience’ antibodies on the road to the ‘new normal’ this week.

Starting with a popular favourite we sometimes use in our communications workshops; the circle of control. You might have come across it before but we adapted ours to the situation we find ourselves in, working in general practice.


Conexus Healthcare Circle of Control Diagram

How to use the circle of control

  1. Anytime that you feel any niggling concerns getting louder or longer in duration, look at the circle of control.
  2. If a new worry pops up, ask yourself, “is this something I can directly control?’ Write it down, get it out of your head and right in front of you. Notice how you feel as you consider it.
  3. Create your own ‘circle of control’ if you prefer. That way you can add your own worries and concerns to the circle and consider them as you go along.

Download and print off our circle of control plus a blank template to keep by your desk if it helps.

Give it a try and let us know how you get on.

All the best from Maria, Janis and the rest of our Training & Consultancy team here at Conexus.