Case Study: Signposting success connects patient to vital talking therapies

Talking Therapies Case Study - Conexus

Looking to care navigate a patient to your local IAPT or talking therapies service?

We were delighted to read care navigator, Chloe’s recent experience on how she supported a young man recently:

“I’ve been care navigating at my practice in Wakefield now for over three years now and still get the buzz from it.

I remember attending the first training event because it had been snowing. Over 70 receptionists attended when I think only 48 were expected. It was probably the free lunch that attracted so many but jokes aside, it was just lovely being able to mix and socialise with others in the same role as me.

One or two receptionists mentioned they were worried about care navigation and how they were going to tackle asking patients the reason for their appointment request. I don’t think you can knock anything until you’ve tried it so was relieved the training prepared us for that.

One of my latest signposts felt particularly rewarding. A young lad aged 22-23 called and asked for an urgent GP appointment. He’d been feeling really low for some time and was suffering from anxiety. I asked him if he had seen someone at the surgery about the problem but he hadn’t. I could tell from his voice just how much courage it had taken to make the call.

I asked him if he’d heard of Turning Point in Wakefield. They provide our local IAPT talking therapies service. I explained he would speak to someone in the IAPT team and be initially booked in for a call back from a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) within 48 hours – so no long wait and straight to a mental health expert that could help.

What’s great about this service is that people can self-refer and receive an instant assessment for the service without seeing their GP first.

The lad said he didn’t mind giving that a go but I could tell he was a little apprehensive so I reassured him that if he didn’t feel like it worked out the way he wanted it to, to get straight back in touch with us. The reassurance seemed to make all the difference and I felt his tone was definitely lifted knowing he was finally on the road to tackling his problem.

It felt really good being able to help him so quickly and effectively.”

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