CAST YOUR VOTE NOW: Wakefield District General Practice Heroes Awards

The last few months have been our most challenging yet in primary care. How we deliver and receive general practice has changed and all of us have had to change with it.

We’ve had to adapt quickly. Both at work and at home. We’ve all had to find new ways of working that ensure we can still provide the very best care to our patients. And it goes without saying that every single person working in our practices is a hero.

Across Wakefield District, everyone has gone above and beyond like never before. We want to raise the profile of this amongst patients and the public and really help people see just how much general practice cares.

Over the next couple of months, we’re going to be ramping up our marketing activities to share just how much and what goes on behind the scenes in general practice; sharing your stories, your triumphs and rallies for support. We want to get everyone behind us.

Introducing the Wakefield District General Practice Heroes Awards

One of the first things we’re doing this month is the Wakefield District General Practice Heroes Awards. It’s open to practice staff, patients and their carers and it’s a chance for us to recognise and give thanks to the individuals and teams who have truly made a difference to those around them, throughout the pandemic so far.

We’re know there’s been fantastic work going on, both in business as usual, and as part of the response to the pandemic. It’s time to be loud and proud about it!

Nominations are open now. We’d love to hear from practice managers, practice staff, patients and carers about the team or individuals you think have made an outstanding contribution and deserves special recognition.

This is your opportunity to shine the spotlight and give thanks to the efforts of your team mates and unsung heroes throughout the District, from frontline staff to back office colleagues.

Nominations only take a few minutes to do but could really make someone’s day during these tough times.

Who can nominate?

Practice managers, practice staff, patients and carers can all take part in nominating an individual or a whole team working in a Wakefield District GP practice. Yes practice managers, this means you can nominate your own team too!

There’s a staff poster you can put up in your practice and a graphic to use on your website and social media channels to promote the awards to patients. We’ll also be promoting on social media.

You can make as many nomination entries as you like.

How to nominate

Complete the short, simple nomination form here

We’re really keen to hear what makes the person or team you’re nominating so special and unique so give us as much detail as you can.

Some things you could think about:

  • How have they gone above and beyond?
  • How did they help overcome obstacles and challenges in your practice?
  • How have they made you feel?
  • How have they made a real difference to someone or something?
  • What could have happened if they weren’t there?
  • Could their actions help future patient care and if so, how?
  • If you don’t know what to write, you can make your nomination by recording a video message on your phone and sending via WhatsApp to 07776 233905 (it will go to Kara, our communications lead).

Nominations are judged by the Conexus Advisory Board with the ten best nominations receiving an award and an extra special prize full of goodies.

Entries close at 5pm on 12 March.

We hope you’ll join us in the start of this campaign to spread positivity and build support for general practice during these testing times. Our practice teams deserve it so much.