Support for Primary Care Networks

Wakefield District has seven primary care networks (PCNs) across the patch.

Each network has its own plans and ambitions to develop and deliver truly local health, wellbeing and community care in their immediate communities. Conexus are behind the PCNs and their member practices every step of the way and on this page, we cover some of the ways we’re doing this.

Watch this helpful animation about what a primary care network is here.

Recruitment and employment in primary care networks

Conexus is proud to be supporting local PCNs with the recruitment and employment of key staff.

Every PCN needs high quality people to deliver their PCN ambition. Where PCNs need it, we work in partnership with them to recruit the staff they need and then host employment as long as they need us to.

In this way we help local practices to better manage the risks and opportunities in the PCN model.

Supporting the development of primary care networks

We work with PCN leaders to identify and provide high quality shared development activity.

Whether through the provision of access to workshops and training sessions, to sourcing experts to provide PCNs with the right skills and capacity, they don’t have internally, Conexus is proud to provide this vital back-up to our general practice colleagues.

Infrastructure support for primary care networks

Conexus provides finance tools and software as well as finance reporting, management and strategic leadership, to PCNs building their infrastructure.

We also give PCNs a helping-hand when it comes to things such as governance and administrative capacity projects, programme and change management tools, techniques and capacity, as well as providing advice, guidance and acting as a sounding board for sharing ideas, successes and learning from across a range of projects.

Do you need our help?

Speak to our team if you’re a local primary care network that needs our help. We’ll be there for you.
About Conexus

Conexus is a confederation of GP practices in the Wakefield District. By connecting together, we are stronger, more resilient and can care effectively for over 386,000 local people.

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