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NHS Lung Health Checks provided by Conexus Healthcare Ltd on behalf of NHS Wakefield CCG & West Yorkshire & Harrogate Cancer Alliance

Service locations:

Southmoor Surgery – 32-34 Southmoor Road, Hemsworth, Pontefract WF9 4LX
Dr Diggle & Phillips – Church View Health Centre, Langthwaite Road South, South Kirkby, Pontefract WF9 3AP
Dr Singh & Partners – Church View Health Centre, Langthwaite Road South, South Kirkby, Pontefract WF9 3AP


Whilst smoking rates have fallen in recent years, 1 in 5 adults in Wakefield District still smoke. As professionals working within health and social care, we’re all too aware of the fatal dangers caused by smoking; oral cancer, COPD and lung cancer being the most serious with deaths from lung cancer in particular being amongst the highest in the West Yorkshire area.

There are large inequalities in smoking too. In Wakefield, figures show most smokers or ex-smokers commonly live in deprived areas. We also know these people tend to have poorer health outcomes and present at their GP practice or hospital with obvious symptoms when it’s sadly too late.

Conexus Healthcare are proud to be delivering a pilot project to help tackle this and increase the number of people diagnosed with lung cancer at an earlier stage in Wakefield. 

How does the Lung Health Checks pilot work?

The aim of the LHCs is to improve health outcomes and quality of life by enabling more people to be identified at an earlier stage for serious respiratory disease. This gives health and community professionals a better chance of putting in place positive ways to help these people substantially reduce their risk of early death or disability.

Whilst the LHC service isn’t a diagnostic service, it’s part of a wider process that should ensure people with respiratory problems get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment and support, including, if they are smokers, support to help them quit. Working with Nova, people can be signposted to the right support within the community too.

The lung health check service being commissioned runs for a period of time to cover Wakefield’s most heavy smoking areas and low-level CT scans are offered to those at elevated risk of lung cancer.

Who is eligible for a Lung Health Check?

Patients who are registered at the participating practices only. These practices will identify which patients to invite for the free LHC. These are likely to be people who:

  • Smoke
  • Used to smoke
  • Aged 55-74

Eligible patients should be contacted and invited for a LHC between May and November this year.

More information

If you are a local partner or provider that would like further information about the LHC project, please contact Russell Houghton.