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What is Social Prescribing?

By 2024, over 2.5 million more people across the country will benefit from social prescribing; a ‘prescription’ aimed at improving health and wellbeing via the community. From art classes and gardening, to parenting workshops and singing, link workers and social prescribers will work with thousands of people to develop tailored plans and connect them to a wealth of local schemes and services designed to help them enjoy healthier and happier lives.

With over 1,000 social prescribing link workers set to be in place by the end of 2020/21, Conexus is working closely with doctors, GP surgeries and primary care networks to offer more non-medical treatments and routes to wellness through link workers and social prescribers. These new professionals are just one in a handful of new roles joining GP practices under the NHS’ Long Term Plan published earlier this year.

Social Prescribing Qualifications & Training

As a group of local GPs and practice teams, care navigation and safe signposting for patients has been a core part of our Conexus journey and continues to do so. We’ve taken our care navigation ‘the Wakefield way’ training to every corner of England and Wales, helping over 1,100 practices and 7,500 learners along the way.

Building on our multi award-winning, accredited care navigation training and expertise within primary care, we are excited to announce plans to support a new generation of practice professionals: social prescribers and link workers.

After a successful 6-month pilot course – the only one of its kind in the UK – Conexus and its partners; Bromley-by-Bow and the University of East London, have trained the country’s very first group of qualified social prescribers. Plans are now underway to unveil the next cohort of social prescribing courses and qualifications in Autumn 2019.

Are you a:

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  • social prescribing organisation
  • primary care network lead
  • CCG/STP lead for social prescribing?

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