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New structure, same purpose at Conexus Healthcare

GP practices across Wakefield District have voted to convert Conexus Healthcare, their GP confederation, into a Community Interest Company (CIC).

Together with representatives from Wakefield practices, the Board of Directors recommended earlier in 2022 that Conexus Healthcare become a CIC. The move was formally approved by Companies House at the end of October 2022.

What is a Community Interest Company (CIC)

A non-charitable limited company which carries out activities that benefit a community or pursue a social purpose.

Why the change was recommended

Because Conexus already holds the values of a CIC.
Being a CIC demonstrates a permanent commitment to act to the benefit of the local health population. Our work to improve healthcare and reduce inequalities in healthcare provision for the people of Wakefield District has been our driving force since we were formed.

To continue the good name of Conexus and Wakefield’s practices.

Acting as key partners with a united voice for local general practice to influence health and care decision-making within the new system, just as we’ve always done.

Being a CIC gives us greater transparency to our commissioners and bolsters our good reputation and track record even further across the local health system.

What happens next

Conexus and Wakefield District’s GP practices will develop a strategy to make the most of our new CIC status in early 2023.

Together, we’ll look at:

  • How we design and deliver new and existing services that benefit local practices and the communities we serve even further.
  • How local resources are used best.
  • Ways to make sure every practice has the chance to share their opinions and be listened to in the new local and regional health system.

For more information about the new structure or opportunities to work together that benefit healthcare provision across Wakefield District, contact our Corporate team.

About Conexus

Conexus is a confederation of GP practices in the Wakefield District. By connecting together, we are stronger, more resilient and can care effectively for over 386,000 local people.

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