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Wakefield Technology 4 All Hub laptop donation

We have recently made a donation of a batch of our outdated laptops to the Wakefield Technology for All Hub and we are really pleased to support such a great local initiative.

The Hub repurposes donated laptops and gives them to local people and groups who are struggling to access technology and online services.  Our old laptops were still in good working order but needed upgrading to access some of our systems.  Rather than dispose of them, we securely erased all the data and donated them to the Hub for them to pass on to others.

Research shows that digital exclusion plays a big part in health inequalities with people being unable to access online health services, support and information.  The team at Wakefield Technology for All Hub have recognised this and are playing a key role in supporting the MP for Wakefield, Simon Lightwood, in proposing a bill for free data charges on public sector websites, including .gov.uk and .nhs.uk domains.

We are proud to support Wakefield Technology for All in their quest for digital inclusion.  To see more about what they do and the people who benefit from donations, check out their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/wakefieldtech4allhub You will also be able to keep track of where our laptops have been donated and the good use they are being put to.

If you or your organisation have laptops that you would like to donate so that people and charities in Wakefield can benefit from them, please contact https://wakeytech4all.co.uk/contact-us

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