Walking- 10 benefits to walking more

Walking- 10 benefits to walking more   May is National Walking Month, so hopefully a lot of us have managed to get outside more and get those steps in! But the reality is this can be difficult for a lot of people and sadly the way our 21st century environments are shaped, they don’t exactly…

5 tips for handling conflict in general practice

5 tips for handling conflict in general practice We’ve all received that text message from a loved one and thought, “Wow, that was a bit short! And only one x?” or heard a story about someone we thought we knew kick-off and said, “Ooh, that’s not like her!” In both cases, it’s fair to say…

Stress – it’s not all bad

Stress- it’s not all bad We’ve all finished on a Friday afternoon, come home, got our comfy clothes on and poured a glass of wine to commence the recovery between work that we call the weekend. But how can we use stress to our advantage? Hear me out, after all, it’s stress awareness month. The…

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Conexus is the federation of GP practices in the Wakefield District. By connecting together, we are stronger, more resilient and can care effectively for over 386,000 local people.

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